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'i'll see you there' CD

'i'll see you there' CD

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So, what's up with the CD?

I started releasing one song every month since September 25th, 2020. "i'll see you there" is the culmination of every song from September 2020 - 2021.

Why is it called "i'll see you there"?

Everyday I'm reminded that this journey isn't mine alone. Your support has pushed me further than I could have ever hoped. However, this is just the beginning. We're going to extraordinary heights! I'll see you there.

Track list:
  1. so close
  2. the sky isn't always blue
  3. zodiacs
  4. the kid
  5. queen beetle
  6. honey, come through tonight!
  7. bloomfield west
  8. checklist
  9. beautiful sunrise
  10. came a long way
  11. nostalgia hits
  12. where were you?
  13. fatigued
  14. no good for me
  15. august fugue
  16. let's stay at home
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