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"I Plan to Grow" Handmade Sticker Pack + Seeds

"I Plan to Grow" Handmade Sticker Pack + Seeds

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This is not just a sticker pack- it's an invitation. This year I plan to grow and I'd love for you to join me.

You're not just getting stickers. Inside the package, you'll find habanero seeds harvested from my very own garden. Yes, for real. I want you to grow these seeds with me, literally. It's a symbolic gesture- a chance for us to grow together this year if you will.

"But I don't have a green thumb!" - No worries, I got you! Included are care tips to have the best experience growing alongside me.

Each handmade sticker bears my personal touch, from design to the careful cut, making each one a unique piece of my creative journey.

You'll get 5 stickers total, 4 of which are cover artworks drawn by me from my various song projects: are we there yet?, one like you (I say ooh), omw, and so close.

Can't wait for you to grow with me!

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