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are we there yet? (Deluxe EP) Free Misprinted CD

are we there yet? (Deluxe EP) Free Misprinted CD

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Awhile back I made these "are we there yet?" CD's but accidentally misprinted them. There's only 8 tracks on the EP, but since I clumsily skipped the number 5, it shows up as 9 on the back of the jacket. Oops! So, I thought instead of letting them go to waste, why not give it away for free?

"are we there yet?" is my deluxe EP from 2022 consisting of 8 tracks:

2. to her
3. promise of a parachute
4. pawn
5. losing my mind
6. todo es diferente
7. promise of a parachute (feat. Pres)
8. darling, don't you know?

It's a call back to my 2021 project titled "i'll see you there", which was a culmination of every single I released from September 2020 - September 2021.

I made a ton of progress in my music journey from 2020 to 2021 and although it was worth celebrating, there's still a long road ahead of us until we make it. Hence, "i'll see you there".

From 2021 to 2022 we made A LOT more progress. We went from 18,000 to a peak of 96,000 monthly listeners and gained another ~1.8 million streams. Even though the progress has been mind blowing, there's still a lot more work to be done. Are we there yet? Not quite, but I'm glad you're here to join me.

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